Having good, better, and best goals will allow your brain to continue to seek movement in those times when things just don’t go the way we planned.  ”

-Naphtali Roberts

Are you addicted to setting lofty goals in your business that rarely get accomplished? Yup, me, too. Or… I used to be. 2020 is around the corner, and the new year always hits sooner than we are ready. I hesitate to be just another reminder of the goals you need to set because I am honestly someone who avoided goal setting like none other for a long time! But today I want to share a goal-setting strategy that won’t hinder the dreamer in you and will also protect you from setting goals motivated by fear. The secret? Learn to set good, better, and best goals. This strategy helps you stay focused and productive and ditch the perfectionism.  

In order to begin setting these goals, you have to look at the entire year at a glance. Then you will need to consider what systems and processes you need to put in place. This way you are able to identify what is possible in the first quarter versus the fourth once these workflows are more established. As you begin to meet your “good” goals on a more regular basis, you can celebrate your success which will propel you towards your “better” and “best” goals. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • It’s easy for creatives to set lofty goals but forget to check them against time and reality. 
  • Part of setting good, better, and best goals is identifying the long term and short term goals you have in order to match them with support systems and workflows. 
  • Setting and reaching goals regularly satisfies your brain and also motivates you to keep moving forward.
  • Good” goals are established by defining the baseline or bare minimum you need to achieve.
  • Celebrating your success will also fill your creativity bucket! 

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