The signs of running on empty and creative burnout can be pretty obvious. You’re grumpy, reactive, and you struggle to be a good problem solver. Things that normally slide off your back are suddenly deal breakers. It’s not rocket science, but sometimes it’s just really hard to prioritize making time to refuel your mind and heart. Everyone else’s needs seem to pile up and be more important. You end up taking care of everyone else and then blaming them for the fact that you are running on fumes and on the brink of creative burnout. Here’s a truth bomb for ya: self-care isn’t selfish because everyone suffers when you don’t put your needs first. 

When I don’t take the time to do the things that fill me up and allow me to create, connect, and care, everyone suffers.”

Naphtali Roberts

So today, stop convincing yourself that you don’t need to pause and invest in the things that fill your cup. Make a list of the things that energize you and inspire you…and then go do them! Or at least one of them!  Listen below as I share how to start taking simple steps to beat creative burnout and how to make time and space to do them. Using science-backed strategies can move self-care from the bottom of your to-do list to a neurological non-negotiable so you, my friend,  can fulfill your creative calling and not burnout as you pursue those big beautiful goals of yours! 

Creative Takeaways

  • Do you have to think and believe something different in order to start allowing yourself to prioritize self-care?
  • Have you actually found the things that fill you? What are they? 

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