I see you.

#blessed all over your social media.

Achievements galore.

Praise for your work ethic, accomplishments, and grit.

But – behind closed doors, you’re really just trying to make the best of things.

“Overwhelmed” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sometimes you even feel ashamed for feeling unfulfilled because you seem to “have it all.” You’re craving connection and impact and you really thought that your life and biz plan would allow for that. But instead you’re tied to your work and your responsibilities. You just don’t seem to have time or space left for your biggest ideas and truest passions. Your most important relationships are suffering – your spouse, your kids, your friends. You’re not even sure if you could label anything “quality time” with them anymore.

I know how often you’ve gone back and forth asking yourself, “Can I really have it all?” It feels like the answer is a big fat NO right now.

Let me tell you something: You can experience a life that’s inspired, impactful and deeply connected to those around you. It just takes a little perspective, reframing and creativity. (And I know you’ve got those in your toolbox! We might just have to dust them off a little.)


Are you ready to stop being busy and start being the mindful leader your business needs?


Your daily life can be a whole lot more than a list of accomplishments on one side of your desk and a to-do list on the other. You can have time and space to do the things that you absolutely love. You can lovingly connect with your family on a daily basis. You can jump into your passion project. You can even start mountain climbing, cave diving, or whatever other hobby you’ve been just dying to get into!

I know you’re already checking your mental calendar and wondering when the heck any of that is going to fit into your schedule.


That’s where I come in.

As a therapist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients transform their lives.

Now I’ve expanded those skills into coaching creatives and business’ not only discover their “why” in life, but also to learn how to live out that “why” to create a holistically fulfilling life.


You have the power to decide what path you are going to take but only if you are mindful and intentional about it.


This is why taking the unexpected path to business grow starts with you, your pace, your priorities and your mindset and then aligning your movement (i.e strategies) to grow grow grow!

Together we can plan out and explore a new path for your life and business.

Here are some of the strategies I use in helping you create a purposeful life and biz:

  • Design a strategic and sustainable way to create space in your life (and calendar)
  • Discover mindset triggers that limit you and learn to recognize when you’re stuck
  • Get clarity around your limiting beliefs and when to use your tools to propel forward
  • Relearn or discover passions and values so that you’re truly thriving on a daily basis


The benefits of working towards your whole and fulfilled life and biz are endless.

  • Develop connections with yourself and others to cultivate the full essence of relationships
  • Increased energy and no more overwhelm from decision fatigue
  • More time to fill with valuable activities that light you up
  • Greater confidence to lead and impact in areas of influence
  • Increased business profit because clarity brings growth (plus, pacing yourself stops you from making mistakes and wasting time)
  • Live from a place of impact and value-driven goals everyday
  • Overall increased HAPPINESS because you have the freedom to have delight in what you do
  • Have a larger impact at home and work because clarity leads to focused (and quality) action



Unlike many other coaches, I actually walk my own talk. I help people discover and live a life and biz they love. And I genuinely love my own life and all 3 of my businesses – one of which I co-own with my husband! I get to work in my passion (and have for over 10 years) as a licensed marriage and family therapist and a life and business coach. I get to help individuals, families and businesses really understand their unique “why” in life and how to structure a life with their values at the center of everything they do. I love coffee and the moment it offers me every morning to remember to savor this life we have. I have the best husband and kids ever! They make me laugh and I love that we get to be a team together. Being out in nature is definitely my happy place (but no – I will not be sleeping there!) and I can always find a good reason to have a dance party.


I’d love to support you in creating another path for business and life growth. Let’s get to know each other!



I know when you’re stuck in the swirl of overwhelm it can be difficult to see the solution on the other side of the fog. You’re already strapped for time and you’ve already spent plenty of money on things you thought would help. But let’s look at the value of what really matters to you right now. What’s the value in coming home and yelling at your kids because you’re stressed out? Or not sleeping or eating well because you’re overworked? What’s the cost of continual lack of connection with your spouse? You’re already paying the cost in your quality of life. How much longer do you want to do that?


I’m not a plug-and-play coach that uses the same formula for everyone. I have lots of skills and resources at my disposal, but I’m committed to getting to know YOU and totally tailor the transformative experience to you, your values and your life goals. I don’t have a cookie cutter program. Instead, I am a trained listener and I create questions that will get you to where you WANT to be. Even though this is a journey we will take together, ultimately it’s your path!

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