“What inevitably ends up happening is that you have a lot of things that are 98% done in your mind and it’s the tweaking that makes it so that it never gets put out into the world.” 

-Naphtali Roberts

It happens all the time to creatives. You get an incredible idea that fuels all your energy only to be quickly followed by a wave of fear that the outcome could never actually measure up to the standards you set for yourself in your mind. The issue is that our battle with perfectionism prevents us from consistently making the impact on the world that we were called to make. It leaves us feeling so frustrated and discouraged. 

If you can identify with any part of this experience, I want to challenge you to become more mindful of this struggle by acknowledging the feeling of fear, whether that lies internally or in the thoughts and judgments of others. Once you do this, I also want you to budget a realistic amount of time to work on that project, including the time to tweak that project and stick to those allotted times. Then perfect or not, you’re going to practice releasing that work and hold yourself accountable. The process may make you squirm, but I promise that over time, you will become more productive and capable of finishing a much higher percentage of the projects you start.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • The battle with perfectionism is intense for creatives because our standards tend to be very high in general. 
  • Acknowledging the fears associated with perfectionism is half the battle in pushing yourself to complete a project. 
  • Try budgeting a realistic amount of time needed for the project, providing yourself with a large initial chunk of time to do the bulk of the work. 
  • Also, budget a separate amount of time to allow yourself to tweak and improve the product.
  • At the end of your budgeted timeline, release your work, even if it feels uncomfortable!

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