WHAT EVERY BUSINESS OWNER SHOULD KNOW BEFORE OUTSOURCINGIt can be extremely tempting to outsource tasks you don’t want to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or in a state of Business Owner Burnout. What a lot of businesses aren’t told is jumping into hiring someone can actually be a huge mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If your goal for outsourcing is just to avoid work, then I’m sorry to say that Burnout isn’t going anywhere if you prematurely hire.

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So before putting up that job listing, consider a few things first.

What do you want to do on a daily basis that will bring you joy in life and in your business?

Something Burnt Out Business Owners consistently complain about is not being able to do the things they really enjoy in their business. The tasks you want to do every day should fit a criteria:

    • They’re life giving, meaning you absolutely love every aspect of it.
    • They’re income generating, so they’re a key part of your success.
    • They allow you to work in your zone of genius, which is when you can utilize the things you’re really good at.

Understand that you can’t necessarily outsource every single thing you don’t enjoy doing.

There may be stability-vital tasks for your business that need your individualized attention, regardless of whether you get outside help or not. Just because you do end up outsourcing something doesn’t mean it’s completely off your plate.

You need to take a look at why that task may be causing you Burnout. You may find that it’s not that you can’t do or enjoy a task but you’re so obsessed over what you aren’t doing that you’re causing this vicious cycle to repeat itself rather than just buckling down and getting the work done. Be honest with yourself here.

Make sure you understand what you want and how something works before outsourcing it.

So this goes back to just avoiding work. You cannot tell someone how to do something, let alone how you want it done, if you don’t have the first clue in how the task works and how it impacts your business in the short and long-term.

Once you know the ins and outs of how to do it, even if that means sacrificing some time, then you’ll be able to outsource it to someone else and open up that space of freedom for yourself in your business.

Know how you want to communicate.

You’ll see this problem pop up in every single entrepreneurial circle. Outsourcing only works if you control communication because what happens is signals get mixed and expectations aren’t met on either your side or on your employee/contractor’s side.

If you want the person you hire to follow your every command, word and letter or alternatively, if you want to give them some guidance and then let them take authority over the task, they need to know that. Lack of communication can easily kill an outsourcing relationship and all that will do is add to your Burnout.


Have you gone through this post and realized you’re ready to outsource?

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