Want a thriving business? Focus on Business Owner Burnout!

If you’re a business owner or on the entrepreneurial scene you probably have experienced, are experiencing or know someone who’s had Business Owner Burnout.

It’s a huge self-esteem, progress and profit killer. And frankly, we aren’t talking about it enough! 

As an entrepreneurial community so often we say to ourselves and others that hustle and grit are the keys to success. But we miss that hustle and grit aren’t the muscles business owners need to transform from startup business to stable and thriving business. In fact, hustle and grit patterns often lead business owners to lose their ability to create, strategize and respond to customers needs.

So what is Business Owner Burnout, anyway?

Business Owner Burnout is a level of exhaustion and overwhelm a business owner can experience when…

  • They feel alone in what they’re doing.
  • Feel as if they can’t trust others to be accountable to do the work they need done.
  • Start losing interest in the parts of their business that used to excite and motivate them.
Sound familiar?

Business owner burnout is one of the number one reasons businesses fail. So often when business owners come to me for business coaching they

  • Don’t recognize that they are already experiencing the impact of burnout in their life and business.
  • Have felt burned out before and are now scared to grow because they fear experiencing burnout again.

When I experienced Business Owner Burnout myself, I didn’t realize it initially. That’s because just like how getting stuck in a negative thought pattern can prevent you from doing something new or scary, I couldn’t see how my thoughts and actions were actually causing the Burnout in the first place.

It took time for me to realize that what I was experiencing went beyond just being a tired, busy mom of three kids while also juggling three businesses. Burnout goes beyond the typical symptoms or feelings we can have from just being busy.

The main solution ended up being Mindful Acknowledgment.

Acknowledging that I had placed beliefs on myself and my business that were driving my pace and priorities and leading me to fear failure and thus hustle more as opposed to strategically move.  

I know, that might not seem so easy (and it isn’t if you try to go it alone – check out this blog about building your On Purpose support team). Resolving this problem doesn’t have to be just another thing to overwhelm you. Instead it can be a process of creating space so that you can be Mindful of your business and stop feeling driven by fear, shoulds, and patterns that no longer serve you or your business.

Are you ready to start creating space and growing in your mindful acknowledgment?

Check out these resources on how you can create time and be more productive: bit.ly/onpurposelifeandbiztime.

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Want a thriving business? Focus on Business Owner Burnout!