“There are these really really important parts of yourself, and therefore your brand, that we feel a little insecure about or we’re not sure how people are going to respond to it and so we don’t put that in. And when you start doing your foundational copy – it’s like that part, whatever that is – is what your voice is actually rooted in…it’s who you really are.”

Tara Bosler

On today’s episode of the podcast, I have the pleasure of talking to the amazing Tara Bosler.

Tara is a copywriter and content creator for creative women entrepreneurs. She is in love with her precocious daughter, her nervous dog, writing engaging sales copy, and hot, hot coffee.  

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • How Tara finds the space in her life to make her priorities happen
  • Tara shares how if we take the time to do our foundational copy, everything else we write for our business will be easier
  • How writing your foundational copy is like finding your authentic voice in mindfulness
  • When writing their brand message, the things that people are most scared about sharing or feel the most vulnerable about is actually who your brand is rooted in and who you really are  
  • People are craving authenticity and real connection, and when you are able to share that in your copy, you will be making a real connection with your audience
  • The more you do scary things in life, the less scary most things are
  • How Tara helps her daughter listen to herself and take aligned action

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