For a lot of people one of the biggest trip-ups in terms of establishing a priority-run business is realizing what their business’ priorities are. So there are a couple of quick steps that you can take to identify what the core priorities within your business are.The Quick 2-Step Process To Set Priorities Within Your Business

Step 1: Get very clear on who your ideal client is.

Who are you trying to serve? What problems are you solving for them? Creating a client avatar can be helpful if you aren’t sure.

Step 2: After you recognize what and who that ideal client is, I want you to stop and pause and ask yourself why you established this business in the first place.

What did you hope would occur when you established it? Was it a specific level of freedom? Was it that you felt really passionately about creating or doing a specific product and there wasn’t space for that in your traditional job? Maybe you didn’t want to work within that traditional job anymore and you found that business ownership aligned with you. What was it that got you in?


Those two areas will start to allow you to discover what your core business priorities are. You need to understand and recognize what your ideal client/customer needs, wants and desires. But you also need to know what you as a business owner and company value, need, want and desire. The places where those intersect is likely where your secret sauce lies.

Your secret sauce is where, as a business, your power comes from. It’s the core of your business.

If you’re reading this and just thinking “I have no idea Naphtali”, let’s jump on a call and together we’ll figure out where those two circles intersect so that you can transform your business in a priority-run business.

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