“If you haven’t built in any buffers, you have no flexibility.” 

Naphtali Roberts

If you’re suddenly finding yourself trying to figure out how to run a business from home without the typical school or childcare supports, chances are you’ve had a lot of emotionally intense days lately. Fulfilling both of these roles at the same time is challenging, but certainly not impossible. Though I am still exploring how to do this well in my own home, I have identified some important tips to keep in mind. These three things help me feel more successful in both roles much more consistently. 

  • Make sure your daily and weekly expectations are realistic. 

How can you gauge this? Add in buffer time for all of your activities, and then double that. Why? Because life happens-and when it does, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling like a failure. Without the buffer time, we also make reactive decisions that don’t serve us. 

  • Clearly communicate your expectations to all your family members (especially your kids!) 

Take time to institute a weekly family meeting to be able to cover roles and expectations. Your kids thrive with expectations and structure, but you have to include them in your vision for them to be able to participate. Remember to use language that is kid-friendly! 

  • Be clear on your priorities. 

You are going to have to make sacrifices in both your business and your family from time to time. Do you know what is a non-negotiable for you? What has to get done? And what is just the icing on the cake? If you know what your priorities are, you will be able to make those hard decisions with confidence. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Consider how to be a good enough business owner and parent instead of how to be perfect at both. 
  • Our brains naturally underestimate how long any task will take us. 
  • Take this opportunity to teach kids about the challenges and benefits of chasing after your passions as an entrepreneur.

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