If you’re needing a shot of courage when it comes to pursuing your creative passion, I have it for you today in the form of Gaby Abrams. Gaby is a lawyer turned creative mompreneur. She started her online stationery business, Casa Confetti Design Studio, in 2015 after having her son Levi. What started out as a fun way to pass her maternity leave quickly turned into a thriving 6-figure business. Gaby shares her journey with lots of helpful tips from what to do and plenty of things not to do too. She lets us in on the mindset challenges she had to work through jumping from a practical to a passionate career in a few short months.

Gaby and I discuss the magic and frustration of outsourcing work and how she chooses when to do it. Gaby is a big believer that you shouldn’t rely on external validation-you gotta rely on that intuition of yours. I couldn’t agree more! Perhaps most encouraging is her advice to anyone who is nervous to pursue their passion. She urges us to learn as we go and to always make time to play and create! Yes, please! 

Creative Takeaways

  • For the best success when it comes to your Etsy business, focus on mastering the ability to think like the buyer-it’s all about SEO. 
  • Don’t allow the noise of everyone’s opinion on your idea to keep you from taking action. 
  • Imposter syndrome can strike at any level of profit. 

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