There’s some bravery in questioning our actions because when we do that, we can create more space for more of what generates income for us.”

Naphtali Roberts

Buy this software. Attend this retreat and this networking event. Show up on social media ____ many times a week, and make sure you’re going live at least ____ times. Update your website. Offer a freebie. Nurture your email list…

I bet you could add a million other tasks to the list. And then we wonder why we are so busy and so burnt out. It all boils down to one money mindset myth: working harder makes you more money. I will tell you that nothing brings me more joy than helping clients break free of feeling pressured to do everything well all the time! 

The only way we make more money is when we sell our product or service, right? But selling often hits on our pain points because it causes us to question the value of our time, energy, and talent. I want to drill down and talk about methods by which you make money. Then I want to challenge you to think about all the tasks you do in your business so you can determine which ones are actually generating profit and which ones are only making you busier and more stressed. If you commit to this evaluation process regularly, you will be able to continually eliminate those tasks that only lead to hustle and burnout. 

Evaluating Profit-Generating Tasks in Your Business: 

  1. Identify all the tasks you do in your business. 
  2. Rate each of these tasks with a
  •  1-(makes no financial impact) 
  •  2-(makes a questionable impact)
  •  3-(makes 100% impact) 
  1. Work to convert any 2 to a 1 or 3. 
  2. Take action! Only make time for activities you rated with a 3 and commit to doing these things really well! 

If you get stuck in any part of this process, reach out to schedule a Creative Intensive so we can work together to make the breakthrough you need to! 

Creative Takeaways

  • Doing a deep dive into the way we spend our time and energy is easy to put off because it’s so overwhelming!
  • Doing all the things does not make you money. Doing a few things really well does! 
  • Being able to work smarter without the hustle demands that you commit to doing this evaluation process consistently (weekly, monthly, quarterly-up to you!)

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