Do an aligned and mindful business and life seem like a fairy tale?

On today’s episode, I talk about a powerful belief that many of us hold – this belief is that there is one right way (and in turn a wrong way) to be in your life and business.

This belief can leave many of us feeling paralyzed and feeling stuck.  My hope is that you uncover some small but powerful shifts in how you think about growth, movement, and strategy that will allow you to finally kick that ‘one right way’ monster to the curb.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Right way/wrong way thinking can leave us paralyzed, ineffective and stuck
  • If you are currently driven by ‘one right way’ thinking you CAN shift these beliefs
  • Signs that you are driven by this way of thinking: You are sacrificing sleep, health, relationships or your dreams in order to “do it right”
  • You are highly critical of your own mistakes
  • You spend hours researching trying to figure out “the right way”
  • You make limited decisions or delay decisions instead of moving forward

What are the small but powerful shifts you can start taking today?

  • Ask yourself: What do you accept or believe to be real that keeps you stuck believing that there is ‘one right way’?
  • What stories do you tell yourself about that belief?
  • Ask yourself: what would have to change in order to believe something else?
  • What is one SMALL micro-step that will move you to create a different belief?
  • It’s NORMAL for this to come up again
  • Practice asking yourself “is the ‘one right thing’ pattern coming back up again?
  • Be curious! Notice your patterns and acknowledge them so you can release them

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