“Hustling to me…is having what it takes and being willing to put in the hours and the time and the effort to get to your goals.”

Jessica Stansberry

On today’s podcast, I talk with the inspiring Jessica Stansberry. Jessica describes herself as a no-nonsense business coach with a little bit of southern charm. If you don’t already know Jessica, she is a content marketing strategist for rockstar business owners who are ready to up-level and start using content to market their business on autopilot.

Today Jessica talks to us about the three things she says are essential to run any business – spunk, hustle, and grit.

You can learn more about Jessica by checking out her blog and YouTube channel, joining a workshop, taking a course, or joining her free Facebook group.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Jessica breaks down the concept of “just ask” and how it’s related to grit and tenacity
  • What is healthy hustle and how to know if you are hustling in a way that works for your business and your life
  • How to course correct if you find that your hustle has tipped over into an unhealthy place
  • In what season of hustle does Jessica’s business grow the most
  • How you can mindfully plan your day and your calendar to get the most out of your goals while still being in balance with your life
  • How to have conversations with your partner about your life as an entrepreneur
  • When you change yourself, the people around you automatically start to change

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