Being distractable doesn’t mean you are helpless. You just want to have an understanding of what is driving your distractions.

Naphtali Roberts

You will not always be a starving artist stuck in a cycle of distraction….

… at least not if you don’t want to.

Can you sit with that possibility for a moment? The thing about distractions is that they are inevitable-they are not the enemy. Distractions can actually be a tool that allows us to identify what is going on under the surface. They can show us when we are avoiding pain, fear, overwhelm, burnout, or even overstimulation. Distractions have power. They can release pressure and when we are mindful, distractions can even lead us to our next step. 

So my question to you is: are you going to use the fact that you are a creative and perhaps easily distractable as an excuse for not being able to follow through? For not being able to make money in your business? You have a choice. But if you choose to acknowledge the power the distraction has in your life and why it could be surfacing, you won’t stay stuck. Join me and my creative community as we practice doing this together! 

Creative Takeaways

  • Distractions are a survival technique for the brain. They serve an important purpose! 
  • The first step in harnessing the power of a distraction is acknowledging its presence. 
  • Paying attention to the signs in your body can help identify why you are seeking distraction. 

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