“In the beginning of every single class that I attempt, it’s always that “oh my gosh, I am crazy to think that I could teach every single person in this room how to paint!” But I think you have to be a little crazy to see success in the end.”

Chelsey Rogers

Today I have a treat for you on the podcast in the form of a very special thriving creative, Chelsey Rogers. In a past life, she was a banker and even had her MBA, but she painted on the side. With no formal training and after simply posting some of her work on social media, some friends reached out, asking if Chelsey would teach them how to paint like her. What started as a gathering of friends with a smattering of art supplies quickly gained traction as a business! She realized people loved gathering with friends to be creative and she could be the one to guide them! Chelsey travels to unique and hip venues to provide a creative experience that can include acrylic pouring, exploring with ink, or painting your pet! 

In this episode, Chelsey assures us that though she was simply following a passion, her business was no overnight success. She shares how she learned the most about teaching from her very first class and how she has tweaked a lot of elements of her business as she’s grown. We talk about how she’s been able to find ways to establish perfect price points, draw repeat clientele, market successfully, and what priorities she has in place to help her make important business decisions. Chelsey loves what she does because she is getting paid to help people see things differently through experiencing art! 

Creative Takeaways

  • The greatest lessons we learn are gathered by taking action, even if it’s messy. 
  • When your business vision and goals are in place, you can make the necessary decisions with less stress. 
  • Your unique journey and experiences can be the source of what allows you to niche down.

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