“If you’re saying ‘yes’ to things because you’re scared you’re not going to make money, then it’s the fear we need to address – not the strategy of saying ‘no.’”

Naphtali Roberts

The question we ask in today’s episode is: Are you saying too many yes’s, and are those yes’s serving you? We dive into the 3 core reasons that you are still saying ‘yes’ when you should really be saying ‘no.’ I also give you strategies and questions to ask yourself before you say your next ‘yes’.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • One of the reasons we could say yes when we really should say no is that we don’t want to be mean.
  • Another reason we say yes is that we have the belief that “no” is the final answer. We don’t want to miss out on any opportunities and we think we can’t change our minds.
  • You can have different categories of no. For example, a ‘no, that doesn’t align’ (a forever no) and a ‘no, not right now’ category.
  • In business, we sometimes say yes when we should say no because we can be afraid that we will miss out on an opportunity to make money, even if this opportunity isn’t in your zone of genius.
  • Before you say yes, STOP. Ask yourself two questions: Why am I saying yes and does this serve me?
  • If you answer these two questions and you find yourself needing to say no, you can do so with confidence in your answer.

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