Our choice and power come from how we interpret that comparison, how we notice others, and how we intentionally practice celebrating others. “

Naphtali Roberts

It all starts with an innocent scroll on your phone. Someone you know as a friend, maybe someone you know in your industry, is winning some way, somehow in business…in just the kind of way you would love to be winning. How do they make it look so easy? What are you missing?  Now you’ve forgotten why you got on your phone in the first place and you suddenly feel like it’s time to finish off the tub of ice cream in the freezer. 

Do you feel me? I know, because I’ve been there. I lived it for the first of eight months of starting my online business, and it was miserable. I was totally burnt out and not even turning a profit. Why? Because the only strategy I had was to implement everything everyone else was doing in their business. 

The reality is that it happens to all of us. Pretending like you don’t play the comparison game isn’t honest or realistic. So today I’m going to help you identify what you can do to stop feeling paralyzed when this feeling sets in and start taking action in ways that propel you in the direction of your own business goals. 

Simple Ways to Escape the Comparison Paralysis: 

  1. Acknowledge that you’re stuck in the comparison trap. Remind yourself that you’re human so you can begin releasing the power it has on you. 
  2. Consider how you can learn from someone else’s success. 
  3. Find ways to celebrate the success of others around you. 
  4. Practice believing in your own success and pair it with an action plan!

Creative Takeaways

  • Someone else’s success does not imply anything about your value. 
  • The comparison game happens at every stage of the game-learn to expect it. 
  • Decisions driven by comparison are rarely aligned with our personal goals. 

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