Raise your hand if you’re an Enneagram enthusiast like me! Any personality assessment can be a great tool for learning what makes you tick and why certain challenges are common to you. Yet simply being self-aware doesn’t help us become better versions of ourselves. Today on the show we’re going to explore what I like to call a growth mindset for self-love. Self-love may start with acceptance, but it’s never where it stops. There are parts of any personality that pose challenges and even consequences if we don’t address them and make necessary shifts. The good news is that we can make these changes through simple exercises in mindfulness. 

“Where would you be if you stopped accepting yourself? Would you see a difference?”

-Naphtali Roberts

It’s critical to recognize we are not growing in order to receive love-that would be perfectionism. That’s also unhealthy!  If we are craving a life that is fueled by the opportunity for growth and impact, then it’s time to start facing our dragons head-on. When we begin making active decisions towards growth, we will always benefit, and so will those around us. In this episode, I will challenge you to ask yourself some hard questions. I look forward to hearing what you discover! But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what comes up when you do, let’s connect! I would love to work with you to offer perspective and accountability to help you get unstuck! 

Creative Takeaways

You may be getting stuck in self-acceptance if you notice: 

  • You’re becoming passive in your mindset (aka life is happening to you, not for you) 
  • You are living a life full of excuses
  • You feel disconnected from others

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