“I want life for you. You bring beauty and worth and value to this world just by your presence, so let’s fight for that together!

Naphtali Roberts

You know the feeling. You know what you need to do but you keep putting it off. You’ve set aside the time to create, to work, but you stare at a blank screen, a blank canvas, and nothing flows. At least not like it normally does. You’re just not yourself. But is it just a lack of creative spark? Or is it something deeper? 

Though I normally keep things lighter on the show, I can’t neglect the very important topic of mental health since it’s so relevant to our community. There are seasons when we are just in a creative slump but there are also times where we might need more resources to make a breakthrough. The truth is that the life of a creative lends itself to a lot of hustle and burnout which can lead to anxiety and depression. It can even be difficult to prioritize things like sleep and eating healthy, but it’s so important! Your heart and mind are the fuel for your business. You can’t neglect yourself! 

If you feel like you might be struggling with something like depression or anxiety, first you must know that you are not alone. I want to help you explore your symptoms by writing down what you’re struggling with. Some signs of depression or anxiety include trouble sleeping, irritability, lack of motivation, difficulty remembering things, or a loss of focus. Depression or anxiety may not be something you cure, but you can find resources to walk through it instead of around it. There is hope for you friends! 

Practical Steps to Take Today If You’re Struggling with Depression or Anxiety:

  1. Go talk to a professional therapist: You can not put a price on someone who can offer you an unbiased outside perspective! 
  2. Ask yourself: Is this affecting me in a way that is noticeable? Are there signs that I am just not myself? 
  3. Take the opportunity to express these emotions creatively. Give yourself the chance to connect your mind and body through dance, music, writing, painting…

Creative Takeaways

  • It is 100% normal to have fears about seeing a therapist, but keep in mind: no one can make you do anything you don’t want to. 
  • It is very common to minimize our own pain and dismiss it. 
  • A struggle with depression or anxiety does not define you, nor is it the ultimate source of your creativity. 

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