The only way to recognize Business Owner Burnout is to know the signs. Here are the top 10 signs to know if you’re experiencing or on the way to BOB:

1. You’re past the initial “new” business stage and you’ve lost the excitement you had when you started out in business.

This is the part of the article where you ask “Is it really possible for me to be as excited about my business as I was in the beginning?”

The answer is Yes!

2. You aren’t excited to go to work – in fact, you sometimes dread it.

Our relationship with our business might not be honeymoon delight, but at every stage of business growth we can continue to delight in who we get to be in our business and what we get to do each day.

3. You’re easily distracted and having a hard time focusing on tasks, even important ones.

Burnout weakens parts of your brain that controls memory and attention span. If you are burned out already, just willing yourself to focus isn’t going to do much of anything. It’s going to take some work to heal your burnout brain so that you aren’t fighting your brain to focus.

4. You feel overwhelmed.

Business burnout often starts when business’ and business owners start doing all the things. It is not untrue that you are feeling overwhelmed.

But, let me ask you a question  Do you believe that overwhelmed is a state of being that goes along with being successful?

This belief is one of the common myths that business owners believe that lead to burnout patterns and pace (stay tuned for future blogs on this myth).

5. You have goals you want to pursue but you feel like there’s too much going on in your business to make it work.

One of the signs of being on the path to burnout is difficulty in being able to mindfully and strategically grow you business.

Playing it safe may feel like a way to avoid burnout, but instead for most of my coaching clients playing it safe often signals that they are stuck trying to do more at the level they are at instead of knowing they can grow into a next-level leader in their business.

6. You’re lacking a proper strategy and you are emotionally reacting to situations that arise rather than logically dissecting and handling them.

We are going to hit up the science again ya’all.

When your brain is in a state of burnout your amygdala is enlarged and our emotional regulation is altered.

7. Your team isn’t working well together.

As we have laid out above, leaders who are burned out have a difficult time focusing, listening, communicating and strategizing.

If you see that your team seems to be struggling to work together or working in light of your company mission it might be time to look at your level of burnout.

Our team often reflects what we have not noticed about ourselves as leaders.

What is your team saying about your road towards burnout?

8. The stress and overwhelm you’re feeling is leaking into your team.

The other night I was watching Modern Family and one of the characters was describing an effective workplace as “a place where at least one employee every morning is seen crying or throwing up in the parking lot.”

As much as this was meant as a joke it struck me how true this is for many teams.

How stressed and overwhelmed is your team?

9. You are no longer sure what’s important.

This is one of those chicken or the egg aspects of burnout. Either you lose perspective on what is important in your business/ life and start trying to do all the things or you get burned out and can’t focus on what is important and start acting without purpose.

It doesn’t matter which comes first. No longer knowing what is important is almost always an early sign of being on the burnout road.

Do you know what is important in your business?

10. Your family and health have started to show signs of stress.

As a family therapist one of the patterns I saw over and over was entrepreneurs/small business owners coming in for counseling or family therapy because their people, body or relationship had started to show the cracks of burnout.

Your business does not have to put stress on your family or your body, but a burned out mind, pace and perspective often shows early signs in our family’s and our health.

What is your health and family saying to you about your level of burnout?


Do any of these sound familiar?

If they do, you’ll want to read Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Business Owner Burnout to discuss ways to start moving away from the burnout path.

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