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Is Mindfulness Practical For You? How to Tell if You Could Use Some Mindfulness in Your Life and Business

“When we practice mindfulness…we more fully become who we already are.” Naphtali Roberts Do you want to live in a world where overwhelm, overworked and too busy are no longer your normal or part of your everyday life? On this episode, I share what mindfulness is, what it isn’t and why you may want to […]

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How Building Awareness Allowed Stephanie Nicolas to Create Calm and How You Can Too

“I found when I wasn’t busy trying to be this person that I thought everyone else wanted me to be – I had so much more energy to be the real me.”               Stephanie Nichols On this episode, I interview Stephanie Nichols. Stephanie is the author of the book, “Create Your Calm: A Guilt-Free Journey […]

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