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How to Price Confidently as a Creative

“If we do not understand why we have a certain pattern, we cannot shift it.”  Naphtali Roberts Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things – pricing! As a creative business owner, where do you get hung up with pricing? Are you pricing too low, pricing too high, or inconsistently pricing your goods and […]

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How to Reflect With Intention in Your Business

“I realized I  was able to make myself busy so I didn’t have to be brave.” -Naphtali Roberts As we are winding down in 2019, it’s the perfect time to do some serious reflection about your business, but it does take time and intention to make it count for the coming year. I want you […]

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How to Know Your Brand Story with Mallory Majcher

“Brand storytelling is what your brand stands for, and why and how your products and services will fulfill the needs of your customers and change their lives.” -Mallory Majcher Today I am thrilled to welcome my dear friend and marketing strategist, Mallory Majcher. Mallory has nearly a decade of experience in marketing strategy and leadership. […]

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Coping with Creative Burnout

“The growth happens when we practice the simple. ” Naphtali Roberts It can happen at any time of year and it can be really unexpected. All of a sudden you realize you are dreading the “work” you love-the creative process. Nothing you create is quite good enough and you’re just irritable. Does any of this […]

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Developing Inner Confidence to Pursue Your Success

“Have you decided that you are going to impart trust in yourself?” Naphtali Roberts If you are constantly plagued by the “what ifs” when it comes to setting and pursuing goals in your business, I want you to make some time to listen to today’s episode. The things I’m sharing come from my personal experience, […]

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Your Success Strategy for Goal Setting in 2020

“Having good, better, and best goals will allow your brain to continue to seek movement in those times when things just don’t go the way we planned.  ” -Naphtali Roberts Are you addicted to setting lofty goals in your business that rarely get accomplished? Yup, me, too. Or… I used to be. 2020 is around […]

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