Ask yourself: If I can outsource one thing, what is going to be the highest return on my investment?

-Naphtali Roberts

As creatives in business we all have very different amounts of time to devote to our businesses, but it’s easy to be busy with all the things that demand our attention and yet still not be generating any profit. So in a continuation of last week’s episode (quick go listen to that one if you haven’t yet!), I want you to take an honest look at the time you do have and consider how you’re allocating it. The goal to strive toward is spending 80% of your time invested in activities that generate profit.  

If you’re lacking any clarity on what those tasks are, I am going to outline those for you today. These include marketing in your network, building your list, creating content, as well as connecting and making offers. Being consistent in these tasks is critical so that people always know who you are and how your business can positively  impact their lives. If you’re biggest objection in this episode is that there simply isn’t time for all this, I have some creative ideas for you in how to make time where you thought there was none to be gained. Getting strategic and intentional about how you spend your time is going to result in more profit for the time spent doing what you love! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Are you creating and selling….or just creating? 
  • Shame can easily prevent us from taking hold of the time we have to devote to our business. 
  • It’s important to know where your potential clients hang out and make personal ongoing investments in these relationships, even if you aren’t making an offer. 
  • It is important to identify all the parts of your price to paid journey. 
  • Outsourcing tasks and implementing systems and workflows can help you take back time. 
  • Staying confident in your pricing is another way to value your time spent creating. 

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