Harmful hustle is not listening, aligning and being flexible, and when we’re not flexible, we break.

-Naphtali Roberts

The beauty of being a creative is that we love the work we do, but we have to remember that the goal is always to find ways to monetize the work we do! Sometimes if we’re not careful, what we think is being “productive” can turn into hustling. This is yet another way we can burn out and make some really unaligned, impulsive decisions. And to top it off, these seasons of hustle are not typically times we are seeing our income increase. Today I want to encourage you to take some time to think about when you are tempted to hustle and what fears can motivate that temptation to just be busy. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Make sure you are surrounding yourself with truth-tellers (spouses, trusted friends, mentors, coaches) who can give you honest feedback about how you’re doing in all areas of your life
  • Hard work and perseverance are different that hustle
  • We can feel the pressure to hustle when we feel we are lacking in our expertise
  • A clear mission and clear business goals can help steer us away from hustle

Questions for Reflection: 

  • Am I being intentional or am I harmfully hustling?
  • What is it that is driving that doing all the things mentality? Is it paying off? 

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