“Ask yourself first: “Why am I wanting to make this change? I know that might seem simple, but I think that question and being curious with ourselves is not always our first step.”

Naphtali Roberts

Anytime we are in business, and especially as creatives, we can regularly find ourselves in a place of wanting to make a pivot or a change. Today I want to help you learn how to dive into these moments with intentionality by asking yourself a set of guiding questions. I even share how I recently explored my own desire to make a pivot and how this process actually led me to modify the podcast schedule to meet the needs of you, my listeners!  


If you can answer these questions honestly, and with confidence that you are not avoiding any negative emotions, then I encourage you to be bold, make a plan and go forth to implement the change! Whatever the outcome, come share your experience in the On Purpose Life and Biz Facebook group!

Mindfulness Takeaways

Consider asking these questions every time you are inspired to make a change or a pivot in your business:

  • Is there something I am trying to avoid? 
  • Do I have the energy for that change right now? 
  • Do I have the resources available to make this change right now? 
  • Does this change really serve my business goals? 
  • Is this change a good idea but perhaps the wrong time? 

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