“That’s really the start of us coming to where we are today because we decided to pick and choose what we wanted to do and succeed in and where our strengths were and where we could fall back on each other.” 

Daniel Anderson

Today I’m so excited to have my first couple on the podcast: Nicole and Daniel Anderson of Anderson Media! Nicole and Daniel offer a magical combination of artistic and technical services that maximize the impact of your brand. 

Today they take us through their journey of recognizing their discontent with life as they knew it: Daniel working 9-5 and Nicole being home. When they were able to reflect on their strengths and differences, they were able to come up with a strategic plan to pursue the freedom and flexibility they wanted most. They are still working out the practical details but are enjoying the fruits of their new perspective on their marriage. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Their first step in moving towards entrepreneurship as a couple began with Nicole and Daniel agreeing that they were discontent and ready to do something about it. 
  • Many of their core struggles were rooted in being hyper-aware of their differences and focusing on this disconnect. 
  • The shift for them came when they realized how their differences could actually make their partnership dynamic and even more valuable.
  • Identifying distractions allows you to dig deeper and consider: “What am I avoiding and why?” 
  • They are excited about the future in business, but they are daily learning how to make room for one another. 

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