Have you ever been guilty of trying to find the perfect planner? Whether it is digital or paper, fancy, or simple, it can be hard to find a planner that is tailored perfectly to how your brain works. If you’re like me, you fill out January and February and then it all falls apart. But sometimes planners simply fail us because we want them to do something they can’t: control our time! When it comes to time management and productivity, understanding what you believe about time is the key to making breakthroughs in your productivity. 

In this episode, I am going to challenge you to shift your mindset about time so you can shift your life. The work is actually simple. When it comes to reflecting on your time, you will notice, recognize, and repeat. Then at the end of a day, ask yourself: did I make decisions in alignment with my goals? Was I more reactive or intentional? If you find yourself getting stuck making sense of what you notice, let’s work together. I am offering a time optimization audit that can help you discover the actionable items related to your time management habits. With this objective input, you will be able to take back your time and go into the summer with confidence and a plan, not just a planner! 

Creative Takeaways

  • The exercise of planning out your day or week in itself does not make you successful. 
  • Any type of planner, no matter how “perfect” has its limitations. 
  • Our time management habits can tell us a lot about how we adhere to our boundaries. 

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