“If you start doing an analysis of the work you could be outsourcing, you are going to realize that avoiding these things is costing you.”

-Naphtali Roberts

In working with influencers and entrepreneurs in the creative world, I have noticed that it is challenging to face the fears that bubble up concerning financial goals. There is a ton of shame in asking for money or there is fear that there is simply not enough. But in this episode, I will help you see that by doing a cost-benefit analysis of where you time and money are going, it might be time to spend money. I’ll show you how you can be strategic with your money, stop bootstrapping all the things, and fill your bucket of creative energy all at once!

Even though math is not my strength, I am pulling out the calculator to walk you through evaluating the value of your time. I want to help you explore the idea of outsourcing the tasks in your work that are necessary to your business  but ultimately, do not fuel you. You will even learn how you can align your work day with your purpose and mission. The result is simple; you become more creative and avoid that dreaded burn out. You and your creative work are worth this effort, so join me in exploring this process! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Take time to identify the fears you have about reaching your financial goals. 
  • Being successful in your creative business requires you to believe that it is possible to make money doing what you love! 
  • Comparing your ideal work week with your week as it stands will help you identify how much time you could take back in your business. 
  • Doing the work of this analysis will help you avoid burnout in the future. 
  • Consider what you would you need to do to feel like you are making 2-3 times your investment in the things you could outsource. 

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