“I don’t believe that being a true creative means that you always have to choose between generating income consistently or selling out. ”

Naphtali Roberts

On the show today, I am excited to take time to answer the question I get asked the most regularly, “How are you so productive in your business as a creative?”. There are actually three main ways I am able to feel accomplished as a business owner, mom, and wife on a daily basis. 

The first is that I finally took time to develop a mission and vision statement by which I filter all my decisions in my business. It may sound a bit unnecessary, but establishing this piece of my business has saved me so much time and increased my clarity and focus! 

Next, I regularly make space to budget my time and money with the guidance of others. This has allowed me to identify how to best spend both of these resources and empowered me to outsource things like cleaning the house twice a month. This practice has caused me to be super intentional with my decision making. 

Lastly, I make time to evaluate the places where I am losing time to activities that are not propelling me in the direction of my goals or generating revenue in my business. Taking just a few moments in a day to find the source of lost time can be so enlightening!

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Having a mission and vision statement establishes your “why” so you can identify the “how” on a daily basis. 
  • Without a mission and vision statement, you will inevitably say yes to too many tasks that do not align with your business. 
  • Making decisions about time and money with the input of others allows you to be intentional and accountable. 
  • Taking just a few minutes a day to consider where time gets lost can help you recover hours in your business. 

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