“If you plan to look for opportunities where you are having abundance, blessings, or that there isn’t scarcity flowing around you, your mind will actually see when that occurs. ”

-Naphtali Roberts

As a creative and an entrepreneur, would you identify as someone who operates out of an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? Today I am taking time to help you define both, because it is all too easy to be enslaved by a scarcity mindset which can lead to burn out and making unaligned business decisions. But at the same time, it can be really difficult to make good decisions when your income is not consistent! 

In this episode, I am sharing with you some of the mantras I have adopted to retrain my brain into recognizing the abundance that surrounds me. In addition to the mindset work I do, I am also sharing some strategies I use to budget that help me plan and allow for more flexibility when my income is ever changing. I challenge you to adopt 1-2 of these sayings, posting them in the bathroom on a post-it,  or on an alarm on your phone to begin moving out of fear and into freedom as your pursue your business goals. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • There’s an important difference between being wise and discerning and being afraid to ever spend money
  • You may struggle with a scarcity mindset if you are constantly overwhelmed by the “what if” questions
  • Training your brain to notice examples of abundance is something is a powerful practice
  • Building a mindset of abundance will help you to be able to face your finances without fear
  • Building an abundance mindset can also empower you to make confident and wise decisions

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