“Social media has become less of a highlight reel, which I think was more detrimental to our life in general. It’s becoming more real and raw, which also gives us the opportunity to make deeper, longer lasting connections and relationships and what I love about podcasting is it gives you an amazing platform to do that, but it also gives you the ability to nurture people without having to do it constantly. ”

-Tara Counterman

Today I am so excited to welcome one of my very first podcast guests back to the show to talk about her passion for all things podcasting! Tara is the CEO of her own podcasting production agency-Profitable Podcast Productions. Tara explains how podcasting is an excellent way to continually nurture your audience with a minimal investment on your part. She believes that podcasting invites people to connect with you and in turn, inspires them to purchase your products. 

Tara also assures anyone who is looking to start a podcast that it can truly take whatever form or length you want. The key to podcasting is in being consistent in the ways that you show up for your audience. Tara and I take some time to discuss some excellent examples of podcasts hosted by creatives and how they have provided a meaningful connection with their audience as a result! If you’re ready to learn more about launching your podcast, Tara has some fantastic opportunities available for you at the end of the show! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Your podcast does not have to adhere to any specifications for length or form-do what works for you! 
  • Podcasting allows you to connect with your audience in authentic ways. 
  • The most important element of podcasting is being consistent. 
  • Comparison can often be the thief of creativity and joy! 
  • A podcast is a fantastic piece of content to repurpose in many ways. 

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