Having a mind primed with gratitude…allow you to really truly make goals that work for you”.

Naphtali Roberts

On this episode, I talk to you all about the role that gratitude play in my life and business.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • How gratitude will help you find joy even in a season of very productive days
  • The role that gratitude plays in growing my business in an intentional way
  • My opinion on the current “hustle” culture
  • What does it mean to have a ‘mind primed with gratitude’
  • How a practice of gratitude prevents you from being derailed by other feelings and emotions that surface during our day-to-day life
  • What does priming your mind with gratitude actually look like
  • The practice of GLAD (Grateful, Learned, Accomplished and Delighted) and what it can look like for you (and your family)
  • How to set up a ‘gratefulness reminder to cement your practice of gratitude

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