“It’s okay to stop running, and I invite you to do that.” 

Naphtali Roberts

Though I always try to provide my listeners with timeless insight, tips, and tools, today’s episode comes to you at a very specific moment in time. We are in the middle of a pandemic. We are in the middle of figuring out a temporary, yet new normal with a discouraging economy since no part of our lives can really carry on as normal.  We are scrambling to become homeschooling parents, trying to adjust to less income, trying to stay healthy both mentally and physically, and all of this newness is hard! I am right there with you and asking all of the same questions. We want to know if we will be able to feed our families with a diminished income and we want to know what will even happen tomorrow. And in all of this, I want to invite you to stop running and tell me honestly-how are you

So first, we are going to take a deep breath together. We do this because oxygen feeds our brains and helps us be less reactive in our decision-making. Then, I want you to start to notice how you’re feeling. Whatever that is, and as complex as those emotions are, they are all okay to feel. It’s so important that we take note of them at this moment.

But then we have to be able to do something with all these feelings. So I’m creating a pop-up Facebook group just for you, my creative friends and business owners. This is a safe place to share what we’re feeling, and strategize and brainstorm how we can help one another keep our businesses alive and thriving. If you have this support in place, I am confident you will be able to keep moving and making aligned decisions instead of running or shutting down in fear. Come join us and let’s find out what’s possible together! 

Join the new Facebook group HERE! We can’t wait to connect with you! 


Creative Takeaways

  • Fear can cause us to make some of our worst unaligned decisions. 
  • Being overwhelmed by emotions in this season is to be expected!
  • There is still work to do because the world still needs beautiful things-perhaps more than ever!  

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