“Traditional success talk…can leave so much out. They forget to focus on the impact of our relationship and the impact of our choices on the world around us.” 

Naphtali Roberts

Welcome to the first episode of the Thriving Creative Podcast! I’m so thrilled to start this new season of the show with a new name and a new episode all about how to get you, the creative entrepreneur, off of the hamster wheel of “success”. So many creatives that I work with are sick of being stuck in the feast or famine, starving artist syndrome. 

Traditionally, success talk in business focuses on external ideas of success: Money, Power, and Fame. For most people, this leaves so much out! Focusing on other people’s definitions of success can lead us to forget our Why and the bigger impact we wanted to make when we started our business in the first place.

So what’s at the core of a thriving creative business?


Creative Takeaways

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ or ‘one right strategy’ for every creative business. 
  • The 3 foundational pillars of thriving creative businesses are priorities, processes and consistency. 
  • If we don’t have all of these pillars in our business or one pillar is taking much more time and energy than the rest, we can end up in chaos.
  • I highly recommend having one of your priorities be to surround yourself with a smart, uplifting and aligned community of people. (Hint, if you haven’t already joined, my Facebook community for creative business owners is a great place to start!)  

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