“One of the things that has been transformational in my process from going from an overwhelmed, overworked, half-done, free-spirit, hater of schedules person to an on-purpose woman who runs a business and has kids and a husband was starting to use the family business meeting in our household.”

Naphtali Roberts

Don’t you love any tip or tool that saves you time? How about one that saves you time and unnecessary conflict in the most important relationships in your life? Today I want to share a tool with you that accomplishes both of these things! Friend, I want to introduce you to “The Family Meeting”. This is a habit my husband and I adopted a few years ago per the suggestion of some trusted couple friends. It has been a serious game changer!  

Once a week, my husband and I have a designated time to talk about the hardest topics to tackle in our marriage: managing our time and our money. Yet when we have a designated time to engage these topics, we are able to be proactive much more often than we are reactive. Another benefit of a Family Meeting is that we are able to sync up our calendars and expectations all in one conversation with a time limit. You can actually use this habit with any significant relationship in family or business and see powerful results! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

Consistently implementing the habit of a Family Meeting has the ability to:

  • Empower us to become proactive, rather than avoidant about topics that cause us the most anxiety and frustration.
  • Reduce the amount of continually unresolved conflict.
  • Equips you and your partner to anticipate one another’s needs as well as those of other family members.
  • “Shelve” concerns and conflict throughout the week in order and still address them during a less emotionally charged moment.
  • Make you feel accomplished, confident, and healthy much more frequently in your relationships. 

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