“Self-care is listening to your mind, your body, your heart and then actually tending to it.”

Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our guest, Naomi Gottlieb-Miller. Naomi’s passion is helping busy, overwhelmed moms learn how to take better care of themselves so they can rewrite the story of what healthy motherhood looks and feels like to them.

Naomi talks on the podcast about the journey of self-care and how to walk toward more self-care in our own lives. She also shares mindful parenting tips and many insightful stories.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Naomi makes it a practice to ask herself every day: “How am I feeling?” and “What do I need?”
  • Whether it’s the transition to first becoming a parent, starting a new job, or even buying a new brand of socks – transitions can be hard, so it’s important to remember to be mindfully aware of what those transitions are bringing up in us and then choosing how we are going to react to those things.
  • When parenting, a tool that Naomi uses is acknowledging the emotion while setting boundaries for the behavior.
  • When helping kids use a tool like taking deep breaths, a touchstone word like “calm” can remind them of their practice.

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