“I realized I  was able to make myself busy so I didn’t have to be brave.”

-Naphtali Roberts

As we are winding down in 2019, it’s the perfect time to do some serious reflection about your business, but it does take time and intention to make it count for the coming year. I want you to take this time because when you do, you will never regret it!  This kind of reflection can reveal to you things like what defines your relationship with money or how healthy your work-life balance has been over the year. I’m also excited to share with you a handful of my personal reflections and some exciting new changes in my business! 

I am especially eager to share a practical and creative way to gather these types of reflections throughout the year. The best part is, it can become a daily practice, not just something you do in late December. All you need to do is get a blank journal and for a quick daily writing prompt, you respond to the following: 

Today in my business…

What went well? 

What didn’t go well? 

What am I believing about myself today? 

You will be blown away when you start to make connections between these daily insights and the numbers in your business! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Taking time to be reflective provides us with informed and specific information for goal setting. 
  • Making time to reflect can help you notice the direct impact of your choices each day on your numbers. 
  • This type of reflection can help you identify the things you’re doing because you feel pressured, rather than aligned. 

Lessons I Learned in My Business This Year: 

  1. I was most successful both personally and in business when I owned my truth. 
  2. Trusting my instincts is critical for helping me stay focused on the things that matter most. 
  3. Simplifying and streamlining allow me to be strategic and therefore make more profit. 

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