“So when I decided I wanted to commit myself to fiction, I knew that I needed to create my own rhythm and treat it like a job and hold steady to it. That rhythm has changed throughout the years based on my job and circumstances, but I always have a set rhythm.”

David Khalaf

Today I am excited to welcome a long-time friend who also happens to be a creative I respect very much- David Khalaf. David is an author of a fantasy adventure series “The Burdens Adventure Series” as well as “Modern Kinship” which he co-wrote with his husband. He is also a guy who is just like the rest of us who often carries a strong fear of rejection. Yet over the years, his passion for writing has given him the courage to continue to throw his writing out into the abyss and see what sticks. And for him, sometimes it sticks in a column with the New York Times. Other times, the outcome is a dusty untouched manuscript for a novel he may never publish.

In this episode, David talks to us about how he protects his time in order to be consistent about his creativity. He doesn’t experience moments of creative breakthrough and inspiration every day, but with daily rhythms in place, he is able to access that place quickly and with ease. It’s a muscle he has developed and he uses it for good!

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Creating intentional rhythms is a critical piece of being accessing inspiration more regularly.
  • Giving yourself permission to create things that are not always your “best work” is freeing and important to your creative process. 
  • Treating your passion like a job helps give you the perspective you need to put boundaries in place.

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