“Imagine how much more creativity you could experience when you feel satisfied with your entire life.”

-Michelle Purta

Surprise! I wanted to bring a special guest interview today for a bonus episode that is packed full of inspiration for building a life centered on perhaps the most important relationship in your life-your marriage. Michelle Purta is a marriage coach for moms and comes to share the lessons she’s learned about the importance of giving herself permission to enjoy life with her husband on her terms as a business owner. 

Michelle shares some practical ways she can quickly notice when her business is coming before her family. She has found ways to involve her husband in her business as a way to gain insight and meaningful feedback about how she is doing on a daily basis. Michelle encourages us to keep it simple but find ways to be fun, silly, and passionate about your marriage while still pursuing all your business goals.  

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Life is better measured by your relationships than the amount you accomplish. 
  • Taking time to notice when you are reactive, grumpy, or disengaged can help you consider what areas of your life are out of alignment.
  • Consider ways to involve your partner in your business to help you reflect or even serve as a muse of sorts. 
  • Being overly busy and overwhelmed should not be a badge of honor. 
  • Consider the fun and silly ways you connected with your partner in early dating and try to incorporate those activities into your everyday life now. 

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