I learned that my income was impacted by giving away my mental power.

Naphtali Roberts

Wouldn’t it be lovely if making a budget was a simple task on your to-do list? For a creative, just the idea of budgeting can deplete your energy in an instant! If you’re like me, it can be tricky to project your income for the month, let alone the year!  So how can you be smart with your money when your income is variable? It’s a great question and the answer is not cut and dry, but I’ve gained so much insight over the past 8 years in my own business and I want to share what I’ve learned with you on this topic! 

To begin, consider where you fall on the spectrum of money mindset. Are you living in a place of scarcity, feeling like you’re on the brink of disaster and afraid to invest in anything? Or maybe you know your numbers, but you are hesitating to create a strategy to scale and reach your goals? In this episode, I will share with you a super practical process for helping you come up with a budget you can live with even when your income is hard to predict. Then we will talk about identifying limiting beliefs when it comes to money mindset and finding ways to actively replace those negative messages with empowering truth. It’s possible to thrive financially doing what you love. Making a budget is a critical first step! If you could use even more help, let’s do it together! Book a call with me or join us in my Facebook group

How to Make a Financial Projection with a Variable Income: 

  1. Write down your fixed costs. 
  2. Consider how much money you are currently making. 
  3. Identify your financial goals-what strategies do you have for meeting those goals in each quarter? 
  4. Give yourself some wiggle room for anticipated low seasons (example: my 45 week year). 


Creative Takeaways

      • Living in a scarcity mindset can ironically lead to overspending. 
      • Sitting down to identify all your expenses can be overwhelming. Prepare for this and push through!
      • You are not a victim in your business. You make choices and there are costs associated with those choices. 
      • Only you have the capacity to shift your limiting beliefs about money in your business. It takes daily practice!

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