“Money tells us so much about our thoughts and our feelings and our beliefs. So I want to ask yourself with intention: Is my money going to the places that I want it to go?”

Naphtali Roberts

Being a creative and making money rarely seem to be two things that people naturally think go together. As a creative, it’s super easy to find ourselves trapped in a scarcity mindset as we fight our negative inner dialogue coupled with the projections others have about the lifestyle we are pursuing. As a result, it can be super challenging to understand what our definition of “enough” is when it comes to income and lifestyle. 

On today’s episode, I will help you get curious about your own narrative around money to help you understand which negative mindsets you may be operating out of most often. Once you can do that, you will find that the changes you need to make are going to be much more obvious and easy to act upon. And as always, if you have any reflections about your own journey and realizations, I’d love for you to come share them in the On Purpose Life and Biz Facebook group so we can learn along with you! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • As a creative, be prepared that you will naturally always be fighting against the belief that you can’t pursue what you love and make money in this business. 
  • Can you answer the question “how much money really is enough for me?” 
  • Do you believe that money is bad and those who have a lot of it are just greedy? 
  • Do you idealize money and consider it an easy problem-solver? 
  • Do you believe that money defines your worth and status? 
  • In taking a look at your budget: does the direction of your money align with your priorities and values? 
  • When you get curious about your mindset on money, the changes you need to make are going to be much more obvious. 

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