If you’re a creative and your business requires face to face interaction with your clients, then this has likely been a season plagued with anxiety and fear. It was for our guest and brand photographer, Nicole Anderson too. Though the anxiety paralyzed her for a moment, she realized she had to find a way to change her life. Over the last few months, Nicole used her expertise in brand photography to create mini-courses that include how to take better pictures of yourself, how to take pictures of food (foodtography), and how to take pictures of products for Etsy sellers. In this interview, Nicole shares with us all the gritty details of her creative process from breakdown to breakthrough. Her story will no doubt convince you that you can make changes in your life even when anxiety seems like your new (or old) BFF. 

“Notice the feelings and thoughts and choose the narrative you will leave this time with.”

Naphtali Roberts

Nicole is a creative through and through- as a personal branding photographer and content strategist, she LIVES to create for others. She is the wife of an Englishman, her business partner, and the mom to 2 kiddos- Jack & Olivia. She enjoys cheese, cake, and Netflix zoning out at the end of the day. Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s Cell Series if your photos are lacking luster these days! 


Creative Takeaways

  • When you don’t feel creative, give yourself permission to take a break!
  • Anxiety can project an old narrative on the future if we don’t pay attention.
  • Creativity flows in cycles and it’s important to recognize where you are in that cycle.

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