Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your thoughts?

Do you ever wake up thinking about everything you have to get done, all the things that aren’t going your way and how you’re going to muster the energy to show up when all you want to do is stay in bed?

How to On Purpose Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful.

They impact how we show up in our day to day life and our ability to get things done.

So how can you intentionally and strategically On Purpose your thoughts?

Before we dive in…

1: Start by Noticing

We can easily and often distract away from our thoughts with music, other people or being “too busy”. In order to On Purpose your thoughts, you have to commit to sitting with them and noticing them. This probably won’t feel great at first.

Pick a time every day, even if it’s just for one minute, and take the time to notice your thoughts and how you’re responding to them.

2: Commit to Asking for Help

Sometimes thoughts stick with us because of previous life events that have kept these thoughts ingrained in our thought process. So take the time to find one or a few people you really trust. Tell them about your negative thoughts and ask them if there’s truth to your thoughts and what their perspective on it is. This will help you see things in a different way.

Don’t have those people in your life? Join the On Purpose Facebook Group to join a community of supportive people all on a journey to On Purposing their lives and businesses. 

3: Give Yourself Permission to Move Slowly Toward On Purposing Your Thoughts

As you begin noticing thoughts you’d like to change, write them down and choose one a time to focus on to prevent getting overwhelmed. Create a plan of action: notice the thought, seek alternative perspectives from those you trust and ask yourself how you can look at things differently. Then commit to working on that thought until you feel comfortable moving onto the next.


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How to be More Productive and Present_ On Purpose Your Thoughts