“If I didn’t allow myself to be imperfect…I would not have done so many things that I had to do imperfectly so that I could get better at doing them.”

Katie Ludden

Today I’m so excited to have Katie Ludden on the podcast! Katie’s passion is to create a connection for all those experiencing the ups and downs that life brings through the music she makes. 

Today Katie talks about how she lost her creativity while in a season of #allthethings and how she leaned outside of her comfort zone and found ways to be creative again. She also tells us about her creative process and how she keeps her creative tank full.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Katie talks about how to realize that you are out of balance with your priorities and how to find that balance again.
  • How taking the first step led to lots of movement in an area of her life that had previously been stagnant.
  • When she found the right community, they helped support Katie with the right kind of accountability and feedback.
  • How allowing herself to feel tired helps to protect her overall energy and mindset.
  • When Katie allows herself to be fully present to enjoy her music in the moment she is able to let go of comparisons and embrace her own unique rhythms.

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