Guiding entrepreneurs and creatives to stop being overwhelmed and overworked and start using their everyday mind to grow their life and business.

The Everyday Mind Podcast Launch Giveaway

Here are all the details you want to know for The Everyday Mind Podcast Giveaway.

But first let’s chat about the podcast!

Who is your host?

That’s me! Naphtali Roberts! I am a life and business coach, marriage and family therapist, mom to 3 kiddos and wife of an amazing creative entrepreneur. I created this podcast and coach because I am on a mission to guide amazing humans (like you) to strategically move their life and business from a place of hustle and exhaustion to an On Purpose place of growth and empowered movement.

When does it air?

mark your calendar!

We go live on April 30th with three episodes! Then join me every Tuesday for a solo show and Thursday for an interview show.

What are you covering on the podcast?

Whether you are just starting your journey to ditch the overwhelm and create mental and emotional space in your life and business or you have been on the on purpose path for awhile, this podcast will help you cultivate the mindful movement that your life and business needs in order to grow.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of our first solo episodes :

  • How to stop being overwhelmed.
  • How to tell if mindfulness is practical for you and if you need it.
  • The one right way to do business and life.


Here is a sneak peak at some of our initial guests :

  • We will hear from author and life coach Stephanie Nicolas and how building awareness allowed her to create calm and how you can too.
  • We will hear from the amazing Rose Lounsbury, TedX Speaker and minimalism and simplicity coach about knowing when you have enough (it isn’t just about the stuff ya’all).
  • And so many other amazing guests sharing their own mindful journey in life, business, and creativity.


If there is a topic or someone you would love for us to interview, send us an email at

If you would like to be a guest submit a request:

And now...The giveaway details!

There are multiple ways to enter starting today and many more opportunities for weekly entries once the podcast launches!

Thank you so much for helping us spread the news not only about our podcast launch, but also about the fact that we together want to live in a world where overwhelm isn’t seen as a badge of honor and living on purpose is seen as normal in our homes, businesses and communities as opposed to a unicorn sighting.