Here’s the thing about being a business owner- and I’m just going to say this, but if other people pay you money to do things, you are a business owner. So you have to follow the rules. And these are the same rules that Disney and Amazon and Apple have to follow.” 

Emily D. Baker

In this episode, I have an incredible resource coming to you in the form of online legal consultant, Emily D. Baker. Emily empowers her clients to actually understand the advice she gives them instead of leaving them more confused than when they started. She helps entrepreneurs to have common sense documents that will both protect their business and make total sense to everyone involved. Unlike perhaps every other lawyer ever, Emily charges on a project-based model (not by the hour or by the email) so that her clients can count on getting exactly what they need without developing a weirdly co-dependent relationship with their legal consultant. 

As creatives, making sure that our businesses are legit and legal can easily feel overwhelming and hard to navigate. But I wanted to bring Emily on the show because I want you to be able to protect the work you do and make sure you always get paid for what you deliver. Emily helps us check off all the boxes from making sure we separate our business and personal finances to making sure we have appropriate proposals and contracts in place. She also shares everything you need to have in order to protect yourself on your website. Friends, I know this stuff feels scary, but I never want you to learn about the legal stuff the hard way, so listen in and then connect with come connect with Emily with all your extra questions.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • When we’re not confident about the legal and financial parts of our business, we have a tendency to play small and limit our potential. 
  • Separating your business from your personal accounts will save you loads of stress. 
  • If you are protecting yourself legally and getting paid for what you are passionate about, you’re only empowering yourself to do more good in the world! 
  • Having systems in place actually allows creativity to flow. 

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