“Go forth, be free and let those ‘theys’ and ‘thems’ get kicked to the curb.”

Naphtali Roberts

Have you ever had the experience where you wanted to do something like plant a garden or build a business and the first thing you do is to research how ‘they’ say to do it? Whether you ask your parents, grab a relevant book or tune in to your favorite podcast, that can be a logical next step.

So how do you tell if your research is productive or if you are simply going through the motions and doing things because ‘that’s how they should be done’?

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Step one is to identify who are those ‘they’ voices for you, that you are turning to for recognition or validation of your actions.
  • Step two is to have a conversation with yourself. Remind yourself that those voices are not bad but that you ultimately have the freedom to freely and confidently move in a manner that you see fit.

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