You may know that meditation is a healthy practice known for reducing anxiety and allowing you to focus more. But if you haven’t found a meditation style that works for you, it’s hard to invest in the habit and even harder to believe in the payoff.

Finding a meditation style that works for YOU is key whether you are a beginning your meditation journey or looking for ways to increase the benefits of meditation in your life. 

Meditation is a very brain-based, scientific process. Even if you’re not spiritual, you can use it effectively to optimize how your brain works.”

Naphtali Roberts

In this episode, I am going to share with you a little more about the why behind meditation and help you consider some types of meditation you might not have tried before. The goal? For you to find a meditation practice that aligns with YOU!  As you live, it can be incredibly easy to get stuck reliving the past or imagining our fears coming true in the future. If you can learn to train your brain to stay present, you will experience so much freedom. 

The two types of meditations we will explore are: 

  • Focused Attention Meditation-more traditional, guided and focused meditations centered around breathwork and visualization
  • Noticing/Monitoring Meditation-less structured and more focused on learning to pay attention to your thoughts and less driven by past pain

When you can learn to stay present and notice your thought patterns, you will be more capable of aligning your thoughts towards the action you want to be taking. Your goals and dreams are worth this investment! 

Creative Takeaways

  • Meditation can help reduce the impact of our emotions while still valuing the presence of our emotions.
  • The key to meditation is consistency rather than the length of time invested.
  • Finding the perfect meditation style requires a willingness to experiment and modify your practice. 

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