We have to learn how to feel the failure before we can let ourselves learn from it.”

Naphtali Roberts

Failure: A lack of success; the omission of an occurrence or performance or a deficiency. Failure, by definition, is a symptom that you are moving – but something is missing. At it’s most basic, failure is a signal that we should keep assessing and trying.

On this episode of The Everyday Mind Podcast, I talk about all things failure. What failure is, what it does and doesn’t mean and the important process to go through after a failure to make sure that you keep ‘failing forward’.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Are you creating a story about a failure in your own life that isn’t true?
  • The goal after experiencing failure isn’t to jump back into action. It’s to feel the sadness or disappointment
  • Only after feeling those feelings can we look at what was missing
  • Begin a practice of failing fearlessly. Commit to a failure goal: set a goal for how many times in the next week, month or year that you are going to fail
  • Learn your common failure stories. If you are aware of your stories you can recognize when they come up and kick them to the curb
  • You can learn these stories by stopping when you fail and asking yourself ‘what am I trying to tell myself this means’ and ‘is it true?’
  • A life or business coach can help you if you are stuck anywhere in this process

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