“When I started to get reconnected with my body, I started to recognize something. I had more feelings than I had allowed myself to experience.”

Naphtali Roberts

Today I felt prompted to share with you some of the recent work and breakthroughs I made in identifying the presence and role of anger in my own life. Anger is not an emotion I really even recognized or felt like I really experienced prior to getting married. Now, being married to someone who is healthy yet comfortable with anger when it surfaces, I have had to face it in a brave new way. 

I will share with you a recent experience of how I experienced anger, took time to recognize it, and had the courage to express it when I was calm, having had time to process it. As an Enneagram 9, this is no easy task but I am discovering why anger is important and am even more grateful to share these reflections with you!

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • If you feel like you never experience anger, it can be a sign that you are avoiding it, controlling it, or internalizing it. 
  • The Enneagram Profile is an excellent tool for recognizing how you look, feel, and act when you are healthy as well as unhealthy. 
  • Getting connected with your physical body can often release internal emotions.
  • It is easy to come into contact with anger and not be prepared to respond to it in a healthy way. 
  • Two helpful questions for dealing with anger when it surfaces are: 
  1. Am I angry right now? 
  2. Do I need to express it? 

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